Brotzeit Lokal is a Bavarian-inspired restaurant and biergarten with a distinctively Oakland flare. We’re located on the Oakland waterfront and feature locally-sourced, house-made menu items alongside a unique German craft beer selection.

“Brotzeit” is the German word for “snack” and refers to the Bavarian custom of taking a break and having a beer. In Germany, lokal is a word for a pub. Brotzeit Lokal is right on the water in the “Oakland Riviera”, at the foot of 10th Avenue along the Bay Trail. Oakland Marina is adjacent to the restaurant and guest berthing is available to patrons while dining. Views of the Estuary, Coast Guard Island and Alameda are fantastic from every table in the restaurant and even better outside in the Biergarten.

The food is simple, based on traditional Bavarian fare, taking advantage of the Bay Area’s immense culinary bounty and unique farm-to-table aesthetic. We offer a variety of house-made sausages and condiments, including sauerkraut, mustards and seasonal pickles. We also offer a variety of other sandwiches, platters and snacks. Check out our current menu.

Brotzeit Lokal keeps a well-stocked, rotating beer selection including about 20 draught beers and dozens of bottles. Our focus is on small German and Austrian family breweries, monastery microbrews and hard to find German beers. Check out our current beer selection. We also have a variety of wines and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.  We carry several local brews, including California pale ale, IPA and Stout. We have several Belgian beers as well, including white ale, triples and sours.



Brotzeit Lokal was inspired by the inviting, relaxing and family-friendly atmospheres of the biergartens in Germany.

We are proud to be a true, Oakland local family business. Built from scratch with our life savings, our own “elbow grease” and with the help of all of our closest friends and family members. We extend the warmest “thank you” to everyone who worked way too hard for way too little in order to make our dream into a place that we can share with our neighbors, friends and families.